Elkhorn Mountains

Dutch Flat Meadow: You kept driving?

Dutch Flat Meadow: You kept driving?

Car after car speed along I-84, traversing lines from Portland or Seattle to points east and South, or vice-versa..  The odds are high that the reader has been one of these blurs beating it to mountains  located over the horizon, and if you are anything like TDM then you have looked west near Baker City  at the Elkhorn Mountains and thought to yourself that perhaps you’ll visit next year…again and again.

Stop driving by.  This range may not be huge or abundantly dramatic from the highway, but it holds its secrets close, and there is no debate that this is one of the coolest places in the whole beaver state.  From a rider’s perspective, the trails are fairly raw, and the rides tend to be short and rocky in nature, but there are a couple of really worthy lines to draw..  The Elkhorn Crest is the obvious gem, being one of the best rides in the state, but Dutch Flat is a great little adventure in a remote valley, complete with alpine lakes and meadows and one awesome descent. The camping at Anthony lakes is top-notch,so stop putting it off and find one of your new favorite rides just miles off the interstate.

TDM will provide reviews of a few of these treats in the near future…please be patient with him as he rushes to a few final adventures before the rains really shut the summer show down.

Why, hello.

Why, hello.


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