Winter could be worse: Maston and the Dark Horse cross Paths on a cold February afternoon.

Closest Towns:  Bend (20 minutes), Redmond (10 minutes) Corvallis/Eugene/Salem(2.5hrs), Portland (3.3hrs)

Ride Format: Loops & connectors. 

Trail Style:  XC

Giggle Rating: **

Riding :**

Scenery: **, with some **** vistas


Adventure: *

Technicality: Mostly Easy, with a few short lava chunky-bits.

Physical Difficulty: Generally easy.

Ideal Bike: Almost any, but a XC race bike is probably ideal.

Wet Conditions:  OK up to a point.  It can be a mess if saturated. This is one of the main winter riding spots in the Bend area.


Bits of Lava, and a lot of cruisy looping.

Beta Spewage

Overview:  In the Bend area during the winter and want to sample some of the trails this town is famous for?  You are out of luck, buster…they are under snow or ultra-cloggy with mud. Don’t cry though, as Maston does provide some hope for a little saddle time during the ski season. This area offers a modest series of connecting loops through a sage and Juniper laced flats along the Deschutes river, complete with several fantastic views, and enough trail to keep one in occupied for an hour or two…just enough to deserve that beer!  To summarize this summary, you won’t write home raving about these trails, but they have enough rhythm and fun bits to keep your mind occupied as you race from one vista to another, and their proximity to both Redmond and Bend make it an easy choice for a morning or afternoon spin to keep your riding fix going for another week of waiting until better options become available in the spring, summer and fall.

 Pros: Winter singletrack with easy access, and enough fun and views to keep a person engaged. 

p1060588Cons:  The soils can be a bit sandy, and blown-out conditions are the norm during dry periods. The riding is fairly generic.

Need to Know: There are a number of trailheads, and there are maps posted at the majority of them.  If the soils are saturated with water these trails should be avoided. 

Other Rides in the area: Bend area Trails(***),McKenzie Trail(****), Paulina Lake (***),Crescent Mtn.(***), Sisters(***), Ochacos(****)Gray Butte(***), O’Leary Mountain(****), Pyramids Loop(****)

 Recommended Route Options

Please consult the BLM map of the area for more details. The views along the river are worth checking out (particularly along the Rockbar Trail), and the trails are similar in terms of giggles and flow in almost any combination or direction.

Loops – Please consult the Bend MTB map, then trace your tires along these lines.

Links, Maps & Media 

BLM Map:

COTA: non-profit, volunteer org working with the USFS, BLM and other land managers to build and maintain trails throughout Central Oregon. Here is a link to the Maston area on their page:

MTB Project, Bend Or: