Poptarts now, a sick descent later: the top, with five miles to a lemon soda and a stark swim in the creek. The end...

Poptarts now, a sick descent later: the top, with five miles to a lemon soda and a stark swim in the creek. The end…

Closest Towns:  Eugene(40 minutes), Roseburg(1.5 Hr),Oakridge(45min-hour)

Ride Format: Commonly shuttled, good for loops, and even a classy but epic tour/XC ride.

Trail Style: NW descending yumminess, narrow trail and/or DH track, section depending.

Giggle Rating: ****

Riding :****

Scenery :**


Adventure: * to ****

Technicality: Moderate/Advanced.

Physical Difficulty: Easy( shuttles), daunting to gnarly for loops

Ideal Bike: Biggest bike you can get to the top, but a trail bike will work fine.

Wet Conditions:  Unsure, but could be OK…snow a problem in winter.

Beta Spewage

Overview: Sneaking somewhat under the radar is this sick descent, overshadowed perhaps by the nearby Oakridge complex to the North, and the Umpqua to the South.  Despite proximity to those gems, Crawfish is it’s own little world, with the top sections feeling almost like a backcountry expedition, and the lowest section being a full-on DH track that almost seems more at home at Blackrock than hiding away in the pristine Cascades.  Most people shuttle this rig, but loops are worth the effort too.  The scenery is decent, particularly along Brice Cr, where you will find camping and top-notch opportunities to take in some rays after a nude cannonball into the clear pool of your choice, but this trail is more about the shredding than the aesthetics.  To summarize this summary, bring the biggest bike you have and let’er rip, just wear some pads and get ready for line choices, a few roots and rocks, a lot of tight turns, and a day of running laps with whoever happens to show up. 

Narrow at the top, wide and fast at the decide what you want, and got it.

Narrow at the top, wide and fast at the base…you decide what you want, and poof…you got it.

Pros: The sections vary from narrow to nearly doubletrack, and from tight and twisting to wide open maching, but all of the sections have their own unique brand of awesomeness.  Whether shuttling or riding a loop you can pick which intersection you feel like hitting up, so if you don’t want to climb all the way up, or don’t like the top two sections…meh…skip em and do more laps on the awesome lower sections.  Badass swimming in Brice Cr at the end of the day.  The scene here is really positive, and it is not uncommon to show up and shuttle with whoever happens to be around.

Cons:  Not much negative to say here…riding to the top is a lot of climbing, and I suppose some of the tight switchies are…tight? ( lame comment I know, particularly since most of them are really railable).  Note that there is a bit of a sneaky turn right at the second road crossing which could cause a bit of a tumble down the bank and onto the road…TDM tested and definitely not approved.

Need to Know:  Crawfish has  four sections, each with their own slightly different flavor. Many focus on the lower two sections when shuttling, which TDM can understand, casue they are accessible and increasingly rad.  That said, the top two sections have their charms, and some of the better moments are up there.  Brice Cr trail is a worthwhile XC trail that could be worked into pedal loops as well.

Other Rides in the area: Brice Cr(**),Oakridge(****),McKenzie Trail(****),Umpqua Trail.(****)

Recommended Route Options

    1. The Full Loop; Crawfish, Knott, & Brice Cr loop ~18 miles, 4100 feet gained (2-5 hours).  There are a few ways to link this up, but TDM recommends parking at Cedar Cr Campground, then ride west on Brice Cr Rd about 0.5 mi to Rd 2234/2241.  Climb this little monster for about 6 miles to the Knott Trailhead, then climb this steeply up about a mile further to the top for a break at some nice views.  Dial in the descending modes,a nd drop Knott Trail about 0.5mi to the Crawfish trail on your left, then roll this to the bottom…mind the sudden bend at the second road crossing or you’ll end up face down in the road ( TDM tsted, and not approved).  At Brice Creek Rd you have options: either turn left and descend the paved road for about a mile back to your car and waiting beer/etc., or turn right and ride about a mile to Lund Park.  Turn left here onto the trail (go past the bathroom), cross the bridge over Brice Creek, and ride downstream on the Brice Creek Trail for a bit over 2 miles, climbing and descending short bits as you go to Cedar Cr Campground.  The last bit is very XC, but there are some great swimming holes to freshen up in after such a rowdy descent.
    2. Shuttles: Varying length, but  all worth it.
      • Full  From about .5 mi west of Cedar Cr Campground, drive up RD 2234/2241 about six miles to the Knott trail TH, then ride up the trail about a mile, descending 0.5 mi to crawfish trail, then down tht 5.5 miles to the bottom.  Could also skip the very top by driving about another mile from the Knott TH to the first road crossing of Crawfish…a good option if you want the longest shuttle but don’t want to peddle!  Note that the other shuttles shown below are via a different road system!
      • DH track only:  From the bottom of the crawfish trail, drive east on Brice Cr Rd about 0.4 mi to a gravel road on the right ( can’t recall the number).  Turn up this gravel road and drive 2.6 miles up this road to the trail crossing, (keeping right at about 1.6 miles).  Get ready for some built up track with multiples lines…that will only last a few minutes.
      • Mid-way shuttle:  Follow the instructions for the DH secton, but continue up the gravel road for an additional 1.5 miles to the next trail crossing.  This section is narrow and tight, but has some of the best riding on the whole thing.  When combined with the DH this stuff is fucking good.
    3. Bohemian Crayfish Epic****.  Around 25-30 miles and 6,200 -9,000 ft climbing, depending on how many waterfalls and goldmines require chasing ( and whether you want a view at the top):  Warning this is a really rad ride that is more like a tour with a sick DH finish than an enduro trainer, but TDM recommends this rig highly…a classic in it’s own way.  There are dozens of goldmines in the area, so bring a map, a lot of food/water, and a sense of adventure.  Here is the theme…the details are yours to divine:  Start at Lund Park and ride the Brice Cr trail upstream about 3 miles to it’s end at Brice Cr Rd.  Turn right, cross the bridge, then turn left of Champion Cr Rd and climb this forever ( about 8 miles) past awesome scenery to Champion Saddle ( this climb is long, but nicely graded, and water is available with a filter until about mile 6.5).  Enjoy the view, then turn right along the ridge  and ride to an unmarked split just below the old Bohemia Guardstation.  Turn left on the lower road, and ride about another .5 mi to the Musick Mine.  Enjoy the old mine and ghost town of Bohemia City, then backtrack and climb the main road about a mile to Bohemia Saddle.  About now you may be getting a bit tired, so you have a choice.  TDM recommends an out and back climbing the gated road to the East of the saddle which leads to the top of Fairview Pk…epic views, Rainier to Shasta on a good day, but adding about 550 feet of climbing to an already big day.  Either way, from Bohemia Saddle head North on the main road, heading downhill for just under a mile to a double track on the right where the main road switches back.  Take this double track for about two miles, enjoying it’s increasingly playful nature, while also watching out for a few sneaky cobble sections that could definitely take somebody out at speed.  This section ends at the TH of the Knott trail, which exits the road at a right-hand switchback around a ridge.  The Knott trail is now followed for about 2.5 miles of awesome rustic singletrack, with trail junctins at 1.1 and 1.2 miles, and a nice meadow snacking location at about 2.4 miles.  The final 600 foot climb on this section might require some pushing of the bike, and by now you will be tuckered.  Fear Knott…har har…you will now hit the Crawfish trail, and a 5.5 mile descent that will leave you complete.  At the bottom, turn right on Brice Cr Rd, and ride the pavement about a mile back to your car, and the swimming hole of your choice…well played!

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