Trails of Oregon

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The Dirt Magnet has opinions about the trails he has navigated, and you will find these opinions, along with some (hopefully) helpful tips in this section.

Here are some hints as to WTF TDM is talking about, remembering that all of these are just opinions, and that TDM could easily be overselling or sandbagging at any time.

Star ratings in general area as follows:  *****=National Treasure, ****=regional classic ,  ***=good trail,  **=worth doing if you have the time or live here, *=meh.

Giggle Rating: How giddy the thing makes you feel.  The fun factor.

Riding :The quality of the moves and dirt.

Scenery :I suspect you get this one.

Flow:…You get this too.

Technicality:  A relative scale of the bike handling necessary on the ride.  How tricky is the riding?

Difficulty:  A relative scale of how physically and mentally taxing the ride is.  People are different, so this one is kind of hard.


2 thoughts on “Trails of Oregon

    1. TheDirtMagnet Post author

      I like the idea Monkey-Boy, and will do that in the future. For now I’d like to link a few more project trails up before I feel qualified to report on top ten lists…but the motivation won’t hurt!



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