TDM Began racing BMX when he was eight years old, saving money for his first super sick Patterson (Anderson avalanche model)  by mowing the lawns of the numerous retired professors sprinkled throughout his home town of Corvallis Oregon.  Not long after this he and several friends began pushing their race bikes up local hills,  enabling  an abundance of skid-rich descents on the nearly vertical (pre MB) trails of the mac.   When TDM’s beloved Patterson was stolen in sixth grade he switched to a golf obsession, and then later to various antics on Oregon’s creeks, rivers, and cliffs.   There were always bikes, but it was only after returning from a few years living in New Zealand (and developing a rather serious surfing problem) that TDM fully committed to the world of MTB.  Maps were purchased, and tick lists were created.  Later, more cryptic dashes were investigated; a pattern which continues to this day.  Through a minor series of miracles, TDM has been with  his trail shredding, newt catching, and obsessive behavior enabling wife Pinky for over 20 years.  She is an angel and a saint, despite her distrust of peanut butter.

TDM contemplates Oregon's infinite list of  trails

TDM downs a pop tart 2-pack while contemplating the descent to come.


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