The Year That Was: 2015


Survival sometimes suffices for success.

Jan 1st, 2016…the first time I’ve written that, and an exciting thing to have done. TDM s snow lust has been awakened. The year 2015 was a fine model, but the bike madness that prevailed over the best winter/spring /summer of riding TDM can recall resulted in a rather robust case of bike-specific burnout that kicked in right around the time of the first rains. These rains also coincided with a trip to Maui and increasing snow flurries, and the combination of waves, drifts and burnouts resulted in a substantial radio silence on TDM’s part…ahem…sorry bout that.

The (nonexistent) reader will be spared the whitened details of the time between now and the winters beginning, but it seemed important to check in with assurances that the burnout has ended, and anticipation of summer is at an all-time high in the Magnet household. Winter may be a fine time for some shuffling and railing on the bleached stage of the cascades, but TDM can assure that by night the maps are on the floor, and wheeled concepts are being batted around at an unprecedented rate. Summertime preparations are afoot, and TDM is up for any of the bad ideas that winter has granted him…there are long lists already, and the summer of 2016 is looking to be a whopper.

So…yes…TDM is looking forward to a grand future, all while enjoying the charms of a distinctly snowy holiday season. With that said, it is the New Year, and so some reflection on seasons past is a must. Thus, I present to you, the TDM account of 2015…be strong dear reader, as the boredom may be substantial.

TDM’s 2015 recalled (Check HERE for photo essay)

Best ride nominations: Pyramids epic, The Bohemian Crayfish, Elkhorn Crest, Frog Lakes, Mary’s Peak, Dread and Terror

Winner is…The Pyramids Epic (Though Bohemian was surprisingly close)

Best Descent nominations: South Pyramid Trail, Ahab, UTS/LTS/Porcupine Rim, Frog Lake, The Twinns, Word to your mother, Alsea Falls from the top, Crawfish from the top, Marys Peak, Crescent Mountain, Trappers Butte (Scar Mtn), Dutch Flat.

                Winner is… Frog Lake Idaho.

                Honorable mentions: Ahab, Marys Pk, The Twinns, S Pyramid.

Spectacular failure award: Winner is, Bad dog, good boy at a secret location in the Cascades.

Other Notable moments:

  • Riding in the Elkhorns with Pinky – Wilderness feel, great campsite, and goats everywhere.
  • The best winter of riding ever – Always tacky, seldom muddy, and tons of friends working it.
  • Riding Word to Your Mother almost every week of the year- may be TDM’s fav 1 mi descent anywhere.
  • Frog Lake with Pinky – wildflowers, big mountains, and the best descent of the summer, all with good camping at the base.
  • Exploring the Bohemian Crayfish ride – There is something so classic about this route, and riding it for the first time was as much fun as I had all year.
  • (Nearly) annual Moab trip with Pinky – amazing camp, and hit the best trails with maximum leisure.
  • The Pyramids Epic- After years of trying, TDM finally got to put the thing together… and it’s one of the best rides in Oregon.
  • Getting to share the charms of the Pyramids trail system with some buddies,- It is hard to get folks to try something unknown, and it was a good day out to say the least. Thanks for the trust boys. #mojodominance

Biggest Regrets: didn’t manage to pull off round-Lookout Mtn this year….sigh.

2016 themes to come

  • Big 1 day loops on mixed track routes, a la Bohemian Crayfish…I’ve got some epics in mind.
  • Bigger loops involving bikepacking, some being 100% singletrack.
  • A continued ticking away of various list rides and untested areas

Thanks for (not) checking in, and talk with you all soon – TheDirtMagnet.


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