Tactic of Rain Evasion

Welcome to the loamy world of The Dirt Magnet, No offense, but writing here today with you was definitely not the droid I was looking for.  You see, I love my job and the endless supply of peanutbuttery objects it supplies, but I spend my week trying not to think about where I’d really like to be, namely riding my bike, digging in the dirt, tracing lines on a map, or some combination of the three. Yet here I am artlessly tapping my Saturday away, with nary a shovel or berm in site.

WTF, you ask?  Bike in disrepair? Ice storm crush every tree in the county? Favorite trail currently being logged? Well, tragically yes to each of these excuses, but friends of TDM know that details like a lack of brakes or a trail covered in downed logs are inconsequential when a bid for elective misery and/or trail shredding is on the line, so what gives? It’s pretty simple really…I’m a weak brand of sauce, and the rain is impressive today…very wet actually…and with rumors of locusts. While I am a native and current resident of Oregon, and really should prove to be more durable in the face of a sprinkle than this, I find being durable gets exhausting during the dark months of November-February (or is that July?), and Pinky (enabling & trail shredding wife) and I are comfortably watching the creations of Joss Whedon while liberally applying quality coffee products…so here I am, writing lines like “here I am”, and avoiding the minor discomfort that sogginess brings. So this is where you come in. It’s going to be a long-ass winter, and there will be times where being wet, cold and salty sounds like ass…cold ass. TDM’s sense of worth is a fragile contraption, and on those days he needs a sound rationalization to keep him tidy and on the couch. So here it is.

I, The Dirt Magnet acknowledge that weakness in the face of precipitation (and locusts) has led to a fate worse than office work; I’m now a blogger. Obviously this is a cautionary tale, but perhaps my demise can be o some use to the reader. It is my hope that the beta I propose to spew might aid in your personal quest to find a trail and ride it, or at least serve as a rainy day safeguard, acting in the hope of a better effort tomorrow, the next day, or maybe one of those days next year when the weather is a bit more tolerable.


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