My name is The Dirt Magnet (TDM), and here’s the deal.  Oregon has a lot of good dirt, and for the last few years I’ve become inexplicably enthralled by the idea of railing or rolling my bike over as much of it as I can. In these pages I endeavor to share some of this wealth/ burden in the form of Oregon mountain biking trail reviews and beta spewing. Some of this dirt will undoubtedly be familiar (a la the McKenzie Trail; perhaps you’ve heard of me?).  Other dirty models might be a bit less celebrated …perhaps for good reasons. 

Here is what to expect in these pages:

1) Trail beta on Oregon mountain biking  for the good, the bad and the ugly  (my love for each of my children is the same though ugly is kind of cute…don’t you think?)

2) Self-indulgent narrative and photographs detailing my personal triumphs and disasters aboard trail bikes in Oregon and abroad.  Quality may vary.

Also expected are bad spelling, positive reviews of peanut butter, cheesecake and pop tarts, as well as info and opinions on Mountain bike rides of various descriptions and qualities from areas outside the mossy state.



6 thoughts on “thedirtmagnet

  1. rocknicepac

    We have a few things in common: bikes, Kiwi partners, a disdain for Marmite, and I would assume a taste for beer. My partner and I moved from NZ to Oregon and are looking at settling in Corvallis. We should get out and ride sometime. Cheers!


    1. dorkboat2004 Post author

      Welcome back to continental life, and well chosen on staying near the edge of big blue! I’m always up for combining a spin on the bike with some marmite bashing, though TDM is slightly embarrassed to report that the black smear has made its way into his diet on an occasional rotation with his normal PB aesthetic. The Beer does help wash it down though.

      Contact me through comments and we should get out!



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